Who We Are

Spokane Metals LLC has been established in Spokane Washington and has a professional and experienced team of structural steel fabricators that are highly proficient and competent in all areas of the industry and bring a vast amount of technical and practical knowledge to every project.

As the steel shortages and price increase have influenced many in this industry, we at Spokane Metals LLC want to convince our customers that we are a strong and competitive business with a commitment to serve you in your miscellaneous and structural fabrication needs. Our guarantee of product quality assures customer satisfaction with every job.

We recognize the importance of good service, but in today's market that is not always enough. Our service is always reliable, fast and on time. High quality, precision, short lead-time and competitive prices are why so many customers keep returning to Spokane Metals LLC. Our immediate dependable service has enhanced our existing client relationships and has presented many others a reason to try Spokane Metals LLC.

Our fabrication facility consists of the following:

  • Vortman V807
  • Overhead Cranes (Four-5 ton, One- 2.5 Ton)
  • Jib Cranes (2 ton)
  • Hyundnai 160D-9 (35,000lb)
  • Taylor THD160 (16,000lb)
  • Combilift(10,000lb)
  • Hyster Forklift (8,000lb)
  • Piranha Ironworkers (P-50 & P- 120)
  • Bay-Lynx Cambering Machine BC1200
  • Cold Saw & Band Saws
  • Numerous Tig/Mig Welding Machines
  • Stud Welder
  • Plasma Cutters
  • Pipe Bender
  • Thread Cutters
  • Painting Shop

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